Ascension is happening now, whether you like it or not. What can you do to facilitate this shift?

The Ego In Health


I spent quite a bit of time reviewing articles and videos by so-called health experts — from raw foodists to fruitarians to paleo and anti-grain people —  only to walk away feeling depressed about the entire lot of them. The focus was completely physical and the competition among them bordered on ridiculous. It was ugly, actually. These people flashed theirRead the Rest…

The Guides: Determining Optimum Weight

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Q: How does one determine optimum weight? Many of us are driven by societal pressures and norms, as well as ego and misinformation when attempting to determine what number we should see on the scale. The optimum weight, in terms of a “number on a scale”, should not even be considered until an individual is fully immersed in this program.Read the Rest…

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” -- Ralph Waldo Emerson,
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