December, 2012

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Why You Should Grow Your Own Food


One of the core values in high vibration eating is that all foods be as clean as possible, meaning organic and, when available, locally harvested. Locally harvested plant foods contain high amounts of Earth energy, the signature of which is elevated and substantially higher in vibration than our own.

When we eat foods that have recently been locally (and organically) grown and harvested we not only benefit from their superior nutrition but also consume their elevated energies. Remember, the stronger, higher vibration is also the dominant vibration. Therefore when we take in or surround ourselves with elevated energies, we necessarily raise our own. Just as water seeks its own level, spiritual energy also adjusts to accommodate the stronger signature.

Even better than purchasing foods from local growers is to grow our own food. When we pick a fruit or vegetable straight from our own tree or garden and eat it soon thereafter, it is literally teeming with exalted Earth energy — it is essentially still alive. We then take in that energy, feeding our own systems and subtle bodies and raising our vibration.

What better way to source live, fresh and organic food than to grow it yourself? Some people claim they do not have enough room or space; they live in apartments or suburbs with small back and front yards. But this is a fallacy. Many people presently grow their own food on apartment balconies or in relatively tiny back yards. It simply takes good planning and familiarity with what foods grow best in your particular area.

Personally, I grow much of my own food in my back yard. In the summertime it’s common to find me in the gardens picking my own greens (lettuce, basil, kale, collards), tomatoes, onions, radishes, carrots, etc. I wash and prepare these foods and immediately create a large salad for my family to enjoy — a salad teeming with high vibration, live Earth energy. Simply preparing these foods raises my vibration and level of happiness, and eating them is even better!

This next year we will be branching out our gardening to the front yard as well, a trend that has recently become quite popular. My main needs in terms of high vibration foods will then be met within my personal gardens, cutting down on grocery bills as well as the ingestion of low quality, low vibration foods. In my personal garden I can also guarantee a pesticide-free, nutrient rich environment and take control of the quality and safety of my own seeds and foods. It’s win-win.

I encourage all followers of high vibration eating to begin considering how they too can create a garden for themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or big, it just matters that good, high vibration food is grown and consumed. Not only does this nourish and sustain the physical body, it builds the light body as well.


The Next Phase Light Body

The Next Phase Light body

What is a light body? We hear the term in metaphysical circles, but many of us have no idea what it actually means.

Essentially, every human has in addition to their physical body, a body made up of pure light or energy. We call this the spiritual body or soul, though the reality is that there are many spiritual — or light — bodies, all of which match or relate via frequency or vibration to various other levels and dimensions.These dimensions may be ascended (such as the angelic dimension or the Cosmic Rays) or descended (such as our own dimension in relation to Source, or those denser levels containing lower, or darker, energies and entities).

When someone dies and shifts to the next life, they do so by slipping into their “next phase” light body. Next phase simply relates to the next light body available which carries a matching frequency in relation to the new dimension entered. From there, to ascend to higher spiritual levels one must occupy additional light bodies, available in successive order. Consider the next phase light body as a type of car or vehicle we must enter in order to travel to a new land.

What some people don’t realize is that they do not have to die in order to experience and exist within this next phase light body, here and now. For example, when a person has an OBE (out of body experience), they do so while fully occupying their light body. An OBE is basically an experience of being out of the body while the physical body remains in tact and alive. This happens to some people spontaneously; Robert Monroe, for example, founder of The Monroe Institute, began having a series of spontaneous OBEs in middle age and had absolutely no idea why. Others actively seek out these experiences, such as Astral Dynamics author Robert Bruce, who purposefully sets out to travel within the astral and has had many amazing experiences as a result.

There are other ways to occupy your light body while physically alive: deep meditation, fervent prayer, all sleep-states, lucid dreaming and willful intention, to name a few.

Even more interesting and important is that we can build our next phase light body to such a degree so as to negate it entirely upon slipping out of the physical body for good. In other words, we can occupy the next phase light body here and now via meditation, OBEs and the like, while at the same time strengthening it to the point that we slough it off and occupy the next, and the next, and the next, until our physical body is gone and we simply slip into the most accommodating light body —  or progressive spiritual state.

The more you align with Spirit the stronger and brighter your light body, no matter your level of spiritual attainment. Additionally, the more you consciously dwell and work within the next phase light body, the more you bring remnant light into your physical life, transforming it in accordance to the laws of Spirit and your level of illumination. You will be more intuitive, understanding, loving, meditative and spiritually connected. You will manifest quickly and on every level. There will be an influx of paranormal experiences ranging from visions to materializations to markedly strengthened psychic abilities. And much more.

If working with the light body while in the human body enables us to advance, progress and enlighten, we ought to be doing more of that. Therefore strengthen your meditative practices. Look into OBEs and the state of lucid dreaming and then attempt these states. Pray more to Spirit; become receptive to Spirit. Dream purposefully. Visualize transcendence and the light body brightening and strengthening. Study sound metaphysical and spiritual texts. Work to strengthen the chakra system as well as the pineal and pituitary glands.

Begin with these things, and soon Spirit itself will prompt you as to how to personally ascend to even higher (or brighter) levels.

High Vibration Recipes: Blueberry-Chocolate Smoothie

aa blueberry cacao

Smoothies are a wonderful way to start your day. Not only can you make them using a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, you can also add key high vibration supplementation ingredients to help both the physical and energetic bodies shift into alignment.

Smoothies are particularly wonderful after morning meditations or any other spiritual practice or discipline. (Spiritual practices are typically best done on an empty stomach.) They not only complement and extend the joy and work of Spirit but they also taste great.

The following smoothie recipe incorporates two extremely high vibration and anti-oxidant rich foods, cacao and blueberries. I recommend having a pure source of raw cacao powder, cacao nibs or organic, unprocessed dark chocolate in your kitchen pantry at all times. Cacao is a truly delicious source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and is easily added to many tasty recipes.

Blueberry-Chocolate Smoothie:


  • 1 c pure water (substitute with coconut water or alkaline water)
  • 1 c Fresh or frozen organic blueberries
  • 1 tbsp raw, organic cacao
  • 1 tbsp raw, organic honey
  • 1 – 2 tbsp organic extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1 tsp organic lemon juice

Blend all ingredients together until smooth and creamy. If using fresh organic blueberries as opposed to frozen, you may add ice chips/ice cubes to thicken to desired consistency.

High Vibration Food: Blueberries


Fresh blueberries are plump, purplish-blue fruits with a sweet and pleasing taste. Native American tribes called blueberries “star berries”, claiming that during a time of famine the Great Spirit brought them blueberries, or star berries, to sustain and nourish them. The star in the name star berries refers to the five-pointed star shape at the bottom of each blueberry, and speaks to its spiritual origins. They are a perfect food from Spirit and should be eaten often, even daily.

Blueberries are known to be antioxidant kings, containing more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable, making them extremely nutritious and healthy for the body. Blueberries have been shown to improve the memory of the elderly, potentially fighting against senility/dementia. They aid in cardiovascular and urinary tract health and help regulate cholesterol and blood pressure. They are also anti-carcinogens and aid in the fight against diabetes.

Blueberries score highly in terms of vibration and are an excellent food to incorporate into your high vibration eating plan. Fruit generally is high in vibration due to its water content and ability to act as a conductive or energy-runner — within itself and also within our bodies. Blueberries should be eaten organic, fresh, and preferably after a local harvest. The energy of the blueberry is more vital and assimilable both physically and spiritually the closer it is eaten to its life cycle. Therefore organic blueberries picked fresh are the best choice, whenever possible. If you have the ability to grow and eat your own blueberries, this is highly recommended.

Smoothies are a wonderful way to incorporate blueberries into your daily life. They can be mixed with other fruits and flavors, pure fruit juices or filtered water, as well as various forms of vitamin supplementation. You can also enjoy them atop cereals, mixed with other fruit, in sweet treats or jams and jellies, and of course, on their own.

A handful of blueberries a day is not only delicious, but tremendously good for both your physical and energetic bodies.


High Vibration Recipes: Lemon Honey Two Ways

Lemon Honey

We already know that raw, organic honey is not only very good for you, but also high vibration. Imagine combining it with another high-vibration food to make it even more nutritious and vibratory: lemon!

Lemon is an extremely nutritious fruit containing enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and more. Lemons also help detoxify the body, cleansing the liver and digestive systems, respectively. Consumption of lemons helps lower cholesterol and will help prevent some cancers. While the juice of lemon is tart, coupling it with raw, organic honey, sweetens the flavor and creates a beautiful pairing good for use on breads, cereals, in sweets, teas, beverages, and so much more!

Warmed Lemon Honey

  • 1 tablespoon organic lemon rind
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons organic lemon juice
  • One pound raw, organic honey

Pour honey into saucepan and heat slowly, on lowest heat (you do not need extremely hot temperatures to make the honey pliable — excessive heat will rob the honey and lemon of its nutrients). Stir in rind and lemon juice until fully incorporated. Keep over low heat for approximately ten minutes. Turn off heat and let stand for two to three hours, then strain into clean jars.

Raw Lemon Honey

  • Two organic lemons
  • Raw, organic honey — enough to fill one jar

Slice up lemons and place them in a clean glass jar. Pour raw, organic honey directly over the lemons until glass jar is filled. Place jar in refrigerator. The longer this sits, the more the lemon flavor will infuse the honey. A tablespoon of this is wonderful in hot water, making a refreshing, cleansing, immune-boosting cup of tea!

High Vibration Food: Raw, Organic Honey

Organic, Raw Honey

One of the world’s most delicious high vibration superfoods is raw, organic honey, particularly if it is eaten after being freshly harvested. (Remember, the closer a food is to its life force, the more earth energy it will have. Earth energy greatly contains and resembles Source energy, so the more earth energy we consume or bask within, the higher our vibration will be.)

The less a food is handled, modified, processed, pasteurized, altered or laden with toxins, the more high vibration it will be. Therefore commercial honey is not recommended as it has been filtered, strained, heated and pasteurized, which greatly compromises the nutritional and vibratory integrity of this beautiful food.

Raw, organic honey is extremely high in minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulphur, sodium chlorine, phosphate), anti-oxidants, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C), enzymes, and amino acids. For this reason it has been considered by many to be nature’s own multi-vitamin. For centuries this delicious food has been used for medicinal purposes due to its anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, such as in the treatment of burns, eczema, wounds, rashes, canker sores, gut issues, bronchitis, sore throat, bleeding gums, morning sickness, ulcers, laryngitis and much more. It also contains carbohydrates, giving us an extra dose of energy when we need it.

Raw, organic honey has a particularly high vibrational score. The reason for this is twofold: first, the food itself, as noted above, is extremely healthful and nutritious, and second, the individual eating the honey typically has a pleasurable, happy experience while doing so. Since disposition and mental attitude greatly affect the assimilation of foods within the body (adding to or subtracting from its vibrational score), the happier and more content we are, the higher vibration we attain.

Eat honey with whole grain breads, hot cereals, teas, salad dressings, sweet treats, combined with nut butters, with fruit, or just plain. It’s delicious!

High Vibration Recipes: Fruit Salad

aa fruit 2

The fruits in this system have been scored based on their vibration. The scores have been compiled through spiritual and energetic sources (namely the Guides) as well as research.

All fruits, for the record, are extremely good for you and much higher in vibration than red meats, all meats, most oils, many grains, beans and legumes, and certainly all processed and refined/modified foods (chips, candy, soda, etc.). Yet even within the fruit classifications there are some fruits that are significantly higher in vibration than others. If one is interested in eating thoughtfully in order to raise vibration and facilitate enlightenment, stocking your shelves and creating recipes with high vibration fruits and foods is a good way to start.

Please remember that when possible (and according to your body’s tolerance) all fruits should be eaten on their own. If we mix fruits with carbohydrates or protein they go to the “back of the line” in the digestive process and end up fermenting and rotting in our guts. Sometimes exceptions can be made — for example I am able to take some fruits with yogurt and in salads–  but again, that is according to the body’s tolerance. Fruits are best eaten in the morning or as snacks at least two hours after a meal.

Do not drink water when eating any meal. If you must have water have it fifteen minutes before your meal or a half hour afterward.

Always remember to eat your meals in a pleasing environment and with an optimistic, peaceful frame of mind. Always bless your food, expressing real gratitude, before eating.

The following is a high vibration salad containing four of the most high vibration fruits. It’s easy to make and helps click your spirit into alignment with Source. Please remember to always buy local and organic, whenever possible. The less the food is handled, modified or sprayed, the better it is assimilated by you, both physically and spiritually.

What you’ll need:

    • Papaya
    • Pineapple
    • Watermelon (yellowflesh, seedless or regular) or honeydew (regular flesh or orange flesh)
    • The juice of lemon or lime
    • Raw honey

Cut the fruit into chunks according to your tastes, making sure there are equal parts of all fruits present. Slice lemon or lime and trickle juice over salad. Add honey per your tastes. Mix well and eat immediately or refrigerate. Do not refrigerate for too long, however, as the closer you eat the food to the time of picking, the more earth energy is contained within the food. Remember, earth energy strongly contains and resembles Source energy, so the more earth energy we have within us the more we align with Spirit.

This is literally sunshine in a bowl: very nutritious and very high vibration. Eat this following prayer, meditation or any spiritual practice for enhanced spiritual connectivity.


You Are A Vibration First

aa vibration

“You can accept that you are a vibration first and foremost and that your body is an extension of that. You can understand that you are a vibrational being and that the basis of that which you are is vibrational and that the source of you is vibrational; you can understand that everything you see here in this flesh, blood and bone is an extension of that vibration and you can tend to your vibration first so that when you are eating, whatever it is that you are eating, you are not filled with the resistance that keeps it from giving you what you want it to give you.  …

We’ve been telling doctors and scientists [that] when you stop looking for cures and you start looking for vibrational reasons for things, now you’ll begin to understand what’s going on.”  — Abraham Hicks

Detoxing For Higher Vibration

Why is bodily detoxification important when we are attempting to transfigure, or to shift into the light body?

Because when we are in a physical state of health and wellness, our bodily frequency is higher. When we are ill, out of balance, toxic and generally dense, our frequency is much lower. Transfiguration is the process of raising our frequency, both spiritually and physically. While in our physical bodies, if we are interested in transfiguration, it behooves us to be healthy, well and clean.

The American lifestyle has changed drastically in the last 100 years. A century ago organic farming was the norm and eating a diet focused mainly on plant-based foods was considered to be akin to peasant eating. In this day and age, however, it is the fortunate and wealthy who can afford the freshest and purest produce and foods, while the poor resort to eating cheap fast food and chemical-laden foods purchased at the grocery store. Pesticide companies are now developing much of our food! Genetic Engineering is rampant in crops and now, at least in America, the majority of corn is genetically modified.

Companies and governments collude to pollute our food, water sources and environment. This is not conspiracy — this is documented and factual. As a result of these external influences and our own personal weaknesses (due to entrainment and habit), most of us have toxic bodies and unhealthy lifestyles.

In all ways, toxicity, uncleanness and imbalance are counter to the purity of the ascended frequencies. To bring the physical body into alignment with Source, and with all the energetic (or auric) bodies, we must first free it of chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and toxins. When we do this our bodies become lighter, healthier and cleaner. The frequency within our body changes as we purify. The new frequency of lightness and health is similar to the higher frequency of the light body, therefore our new state of purity and wellness facilitates our shift into the light body.

There are many ways to detoxify the body. We can use specific cleanses, undergo fasts or juicing regimens, we can choose to eat fresh, clean, unmodified foods, and we can drink lots of pure, filtered water. Some specific foods/liquids which detoxify are cilantro, onion, (raw, unfiltered) apple cider vinegar, ginger, coconut oil, grapefruit, papaya, chia seed, cranberries, flax, garlic, and green leafy vegetables, to name just a few.

We also detoxify when we eliminate foods and beverages that contribute to the contamination of the body, such as all processed foods, refined foods, sodas, fast food  and foods which contain pesticides, engineered modifications and chemicals.

When we bring our body into a state of health we raise our overall physical frequency. Since the act of Ascension is contingent upon achieving this higher frequency, detoxification of the body is essential.

Eating For Spirituality

People tend to think that in order to shift they need to focus solely on their spirit.  The truth is that much of the transitional shift can be facilitated by bringing the physical body into alignment with the spirit via preparation and modification. This site will address, specifically, how to prepare the body for ascension through diet.

The foods we eat carry specific vibrations. When we eat dense, coarse, poisonous food, or food harvested in harmful or negative ways, we allow the negative vibration of these foods to affect our own vibration. We take on the source signature of what we ingest; we more or less become it. Densely vibrating foods feed the physical body and decrease the light body. High vibration foods (or foods containing high amounts of the higher energies) strengthen and build our spirits, or our light bodies, and ultimately assist us in more fully occupying our light bodies.

A stark reality: the more one occupies the light body, the more the physical body comes into direct conflict or tension with it. Any who are psychically or spiritually developed can bear witness to the fact that their physical body develops more sensitivities, allergies and ailments, the more spiritually advanced they become. That is because the physical body vibrates at a lower, denser rate than that of the light body. The light body vibrates higher, faster and much more strongly. The light body holds the ascended frequency, and when we build that frequency the light body comes to dominate, scattering all lower energy, which would include certain bodily systems and even the body itself.

You will find that some of the foods you have historically been able to tolerate will soon become intolerable to you. They will make you nauseous, fevered, negative and anxious. They will, in effect, slip you out of connection with your light body, and this will cause discomfort. Substances you used to ingest in moderation — caffeine and alcohol, to name just two – may become absolutely impossible to consume because of the dominant vibration you are beginning to occupy. Be prepared for this and when it happens do not worry. Take it as a sign that your work is paying off, and that you are in the process of shifting, or transfiguration.

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