Before You Start

The information presented in the pages of Ascension Eating is offered for spiritual, educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as personal medical advice. Please make sure to discuss any change you plan to make to your diet or way of eating with your doctor.

Crys is a spiritual channel for a group of beings called The Guides. She is not a doctor. Her recommendations and opinions should be considered within a spiritual framework and should not in any way replace sound medical advice.

All provided food vibration scores are to be applied generally, to the average person of average health. Depending on your physical condition as well as the condition of your energetic body, certain foods might be higher or lower in vibration for you. You will ultimately learn to check in with your own intuition and determine for yourself which foods will improve your physical and spiritual vitality.

The scoring system is a platform, or place to start. From there, each individual must build their own  system, utilizing their personal connection with Mind, Body and Spirit.

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