Eating For Spirituality

People tend to think that in order to shift they need to focus solely on their spirit.  The truth is that much of the transitional shift can be facilitated by bringing the physical body into alignment with the spirit via preparation and modification. This site will address, specifically, how to prepare the body for ascension through diet.

The foods we eat carry specific vibrations. When we eat dense, coarse, poisonous food, or food harvested in harmful or negative ways, we allow the negative vibration of these foods to affect our own vibration. We take on the source signature of what we ingest; we more or less become it. Densely vibrating foods feed the physical body and decrease the light body. High vibration foods (or foods containing high amounts of the higher energies) strengthen and build our spirits, or our light bodies, and ultimately assist us in more fully occupying our light bodies.

A stark reality: the more one occupies the light body, the more the physical body comes into direct conflict or tension with it. Any who are psychically or spiritually developed can bear witness to the fact that their physical body develops more sensitivities, allergies and ailments, the more spiritually advanced they become. That is because the physical body vibrates at a lower, denser rate than that of the light body. The light body vibrates higher, faster and much more strongly. The light body holds the ascended frequency, and when we build that frequency the light body comes to dominate, scattering all lower energy, which would include certain bodily systems and even the body itself.

You will find that some of the foods you have historically been able to tolerate will soon become intolerable to you. They will make you nauseous, fevered, negative and anxious. They will, in effect, slip you out of connection with your light body, and this will cause discomfort. Substances you used to ingest in moderation — caffeine and alcohol, to name just two – may become absolutely impossible to consume because of the dominant vibration you are beginning to occupy. Be prepared for this and when it happens do not worry. Take it as a sign that your work is paying off, and that you are in the process of shifting, or transfiguration.

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  1. Energist says:

    Thank you so much for this post Crystal! I have been going through the ascension process for the past 7 months. I never searched for the ascension process to take hold of me and it found me. I feel so grateful, but have and am still going through each and everything that you’ve mentioned. I’ve lost 71 lbs unexpectedly, but have a lot of guidance and direction while I am going through this, by wonderful family members and another source (otherness). So much is taking place, but I have so much love inside to share and will keep it pouring outward to the world and not let my human form take over and have its way, the way it would like. My soul and spirit have the control and I couldn’t be happier.

    All my love Crystal!!

  2. GOD says:

    Can you advise WHAT foods are best for the ascension process that facilitate the light body integration, easily and naturally, and WHAT foods are truly poisonous to the body during this spiritual process….. thankyou

  3. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for this. You’ve made me feel better. I have been on a very incredible spiritual path for 20 years and have had so many amazing experiences, but Ive been suffering with severe allergies, sensitivities & ailments for sooooo long. I am happy for the levels Im attaining, but it sure would be nice not to suffer anymore. Maybe now that I’ve found your site I can learn how to properly feed my physical body. Thank you :-)

  4. Lisa says:

    I just found your site…. :-) No need to send that now, thank you :-)

  5. Larisa says:

    Wow. finally I’m beginning to understand more what is happening with me. I have met my twin flame, (he’s running of coarse) I too lost 40 lbs unexpectedly in the last two years. I noticed that yes, my body does not tolerate alcohol, but I have been drinking much more coffee than I ever did before. Why is that?
    What foods should I be eating?

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