The Guides: Determining Optimum Weight

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Q: How does one determine optimum weight? Many of us are driven by societal pressures and norms, as well as ego and misinformation when attempting to determine what number we should see on the scale.

The optimum weight, in terms of a “number on a scale”, should not even be considered until an individual is fully immersed in this program. Given the generally superficial state of  societal inclinations, the paradigm for healthy weight is skewed to an almost abusive degree. Only when the energies are balanced and the vibrations raise will the individual be in sufficient synergy to ascertain what an optimum weight may be. This is achieved through intuition alone, a process which involves listening to the body itself.

Let the body in synergy direct the individual as to his or her optimum weight. Better yet, do not mentally need an optimum weight or to see a specific number on the scale. Simply let your body do what it knows to do while in synergy. Many will be surprised when the body ultimately balances out. It is not uncommon to settle several pounds thinner or heavier than an individual initially expected. Do not concern yourself with this. The body in synergy knows what it needs to do. Let it do it.

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