The Next Phase Light Body

The Next Phase Light body

What is a light body? We hear the term in metaphysical circles, but many of us have no idea what it actually means.

Essentially, every human has in addition to their physical body, a body made up of pure light or energy. We call this the spiritual body or soul, though the reality is that there are many spiritual — or light — bodies, all of which match or relate via frequency or vibration to various other levels and dimensions.These dimensions may be ascended (such as the angelic dimension or the Cosmic Rays) or descended (such as our own dimension in relation to Source, or those denser levels containing lower, or darker, energies and entities).

When someone dies and shifts to the next life, they do so by slipping into their “next phase” light body. Next phase simply relates to the next light body available which carries a matching frequency in relation to the new dimension entered. From there, to ascend to higher spiritual levels one must occupy additional light bodies, available in successive order. Consider the next phase light body as a type of car or vehicle we must enter in order to travel to a new land.

What some people don’t realize is that they do not have to die in order to experience and exist within this next phase light body, here and now. For example, when a person has an OBE (out of body experience), they do so while fully occupying their light body. An OBE is basically an experience of being out of the body while the physical body remains in tact and alive. This happens to some people spontaneously; Robert Monroe, for example, founder of The Monroe Institute, began having a series of spontaneous OBEs in middle age and had absolutely no idea why. Others actively seek out these experiences, such as Astral Dynamics author Robert Bruce, who purposefully sets out to travel within the astral and has had many amazing experiences as a result.

There are other ways to occupy your light body while physically alive: deep meditation, fervent prayer, all sleep-states, lucid dreaming and willful intention, to name a few.

Even more interesting and important is that we can build our next phase light body to such a degree so as to negate it entirely upon slipping out of the physical body for good. In other words, we can occupy the next phase light body here and now via meditation, OBEs and the like, while at the same time strengthening it to the point that we slough it off and occupy the next, and the next, and the next, until our physical body is gone and we simply slip into the most accommodating light body —  or progressive spiritual state.

The more you align with Spirit the stronger and brighter your light body, no matter your level of spiritual attainment. Additionally, the more you consciously dwell and work within the next phase light body, the more you bring remnant light into your physical life, transforming it in accordance to the laws of Spirit and your level of illumination. You will be more intuitive, understanding, loving, meditative and spiritually connected. You will manifest quickly and on every level. There will be an influx of paranormal experiences ranging from visions to materializations to markedly strengthened psychic abilities. And much more.

If working with the light body while in the human body enables us to advance, progress and enlighten, we ought to be doing more of that. Therefore strengthen your meditative practices. Look into OBEs and the state of lucid dreaming and then attempt these states. Pray more to Spirit; become receptive to Spirit. Dream purposefully. Visualize transcendence and the light body brightening and strengthening. Study sound metaphysical and spiritual texts. Work to strengthen the chakra system as well as the pineal and pituitary glands.

Begin with these things, and soon Spirit itself will prompt you as to how to personally ascend to even higher (or brighter) levels.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    I like this post about the light body. I was thinking the same thing. I believe we are using our light body when we astral project, meditate deeply, or lucid dream. I enjoyed reading your post.

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