What Is Ascension?

A transformation is taking place on this planet and within every human being.

Our physical bodies are in the process of transitioning from their dense physical state into what is called the light body. The light body is what we might call the spirit of a person (though it is far more complicated than that), which is the energetic body or “soul” inside all creatures.

The light body is the umbilicus which irrevocably connects us to the Source, or God. The Source is the point of origin for all creatures in all dimensions or universes; within all of us there is the “stuff” of the Source, which we recognize in our human bodies as a very specific vibration or frequency. In our human bodies, the feelings we experience that resemble (or return us to) this frequency are those such as joy, delight, glee, ecstasy, bliss, happiness, deep peace, and so on. The more we occupy those feelings in these human bodies, the more we connect with the Source. Connecting to Source is the key to happiness and also manifestation and general human success.

In particular, connecting to Source it is the key to facilitating the coming dimensional shift into our light bodies.

Other creatures in other states of being throughout the universe are also comprised of this same Source stuff, some occupying the vibration of Source more than others, resulting in gradations of light bodies throughout all dimensions. There are beings existing at this time that are lighter than we, more evolved than we, more proximate to Source than we. Many of these beings (we may call them angels, ascended masters, star beings, spirits, guides, etc.) are assisting humanity to make this next step in consciousness by giving us guidance on how to transition from the lower to the higher vibrations, or from the physical body to the light body. These beings and in fact all beings are also in the process of their own evolution or ascension. The goal is for All to return in fullness to Source.

Many of us have incarnated on earth at this time to learn how to make the shift from the forgetful physical body into a state of our true being. The earth is a school that strengthens our ability to transcend and progress. Through our short lives here we are given information on how to evolve continuously through all light bodies.

People tend to think that in order to shift they need to focus solely on their spirit.  The truth is that much of the transitional shift can be facilitated by bringing the physical body into alignment with the spirit via preparation and modification. This is done through various things, such as movement, emotion, essences, intention, color and much more. This site will address, specifically, how to prepare the body for ascension through diet.

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