Who Are The Guides?

I work with a specific group of light beings.

They use me as a channel to bring forth their particular quality of information. I usually receive this information in the form of written content (that is, automatic writing), but sometimes they give me intense downloads during dream-time and visions within my waking hours.

There are many of them. When I first encounter them they appear as an immense plane of bright golden/white light, and as I draw near I can make out the silhouettes of literally hundreds of individual light beings. There are a certain few who speak for the group, and usually one who transmits the message to and through me.

The Guides are benevolent light beings. When I say light beings I am referring to their origins in relation to pure Source energy, or that which we would call God. You might call them angels or spirit guides. Those are two different things, in truth, but for the purpose of this work it does not matter. Consider the Guides to be enlightened, spiritual friends here to help us live better lives, both now and in the future.

Messages and information from the Guides typically centers around Ascension, or the process of transfiguration. Just as Jesus transfigured into his light body within the pages of scripture, so too are humans in the process of transfiguring into our own next phase light bodies. This process is compulsory, meaning everyone is undergoing transfiguration whether they want to or not — whether they are aware of it or not. Those who participate in the process will accelerate their own Ascension and make their shift easier and more meaningful. The Guides are here to inform this process and shed much needed light on our present evolutionary path.

All eyes are on us at this time in earth’s history. Many inter-dimensional, spiritual beings are observing as we make this next evolutionary jump. All beings at whatever stage of enlightenment are in the process of evolution or progression toward Source. Our transfiguration at this time will ripple out to impact the entire universe, which is why so many inter-dimensional beings are assisting and supporting us at this time. The Guides are among the enlightened beings offering their help and love.

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