Why You Should Grow Your Own Food


One of the core values in high vibration eating is that all foods be as clean as possible, meaning organic and, when available, locally harvested. Locally harvested plant foods contain high amounts of Earth energy, the signature of which is elevated and substantially higher in vibration than our own.

When we eat foods that have recently been locally (and organically) grown and harvested we not only benefit from their superior nutrition but also consume their elevated energies. Remember, the stronger, higher vibration is also the dominant vibration. Therefore when we take in or surround ourselves with elevated energies, we necessarily raise our own. Just as water seeks its own level, spiritual energy also adjusts to accommodate the stronger signature.

Even better than purchasing foods from local growers is to grow our own food. When we pick a fruit or vegetable straight from our own tree or garden and eat it soon thereafter, it is literally teeming with exalted Earth energy — it is essentially still alive. We then take in that energy, feeding our own systems and subtle bodies and raising our vibration.

What better way to source live, fresh and organic food than to grow it yourself? Some people claim they do not have enough room or space; they live in apartments or suburbs with small back and front yards. But this is a fallacy. Many people presently grow their own food on apartment balconies or in relatively tiny back yards. It simply takes good planning and familiarity with what foods grow best in your particular area.

Personally, I grow much of my own food in my back yard. In the summertime it’s common to find me in the gardens picking my own greens (lettuce, basil, kale, collards), tomatoes, onions, radishes, carrots, etc. I wash and prepare these foods and immediately create a large salad for my family to enjoy — a salad teeming with high vibration, live Earth energy. Simply preparing these foods raises my vibration and level of happiness, and eating them is even better!

This next year we will be branching out our gardening to the front yard as well, a trend that has recently become quite popular. My main needs in terms of high vibration foods will then be met within my personal gardens, cutting down on grocery bills as well as the ingestion of low quality, low vibration foods. In my personal garden I can also guarantee a pesticide-free, nutrient rich environment and take control of the quality and safety of my own seeds and foods. It’s win-win.

I encourage all followers of high vibration eating to begin considering how they too can create a garden for themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or big, it just matters that good, high vibration food is grown and consumed. Not only does this nourish and sustain the physical body, it builds the light body as well.


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